Our Process

Our project management process is all about our clients. We want your experience with us to be based on trust — trust that we can make your dream home come true. Our initial engagements are mainly for educational purposes. From the very first conversation our top priority is to get to know you, and to understand the essence of what you are looking to build.

To start, we provide you with our unique design palettes to launch your creative ideas. We know that you recognize value, and we want to stimulate and transform your ideas into sublime concepts.

To support the journey to your dream home, we also provide an exquisitely curated Design Briefcase, filled with sumptuous interior designs and some of the finest finishing work you can find in North America.

Our experienced team of talented architects and executive concierges have an unsurpassed eye for detail, and will work with you to explore options for premium lots and communities that can accommodate your dream home. We try to help you make educated and informed decisions.

As the project progress through the stages of design, build and construction, we invest time and effort to ensure an error-free and stress-free process. We make the experience satisfying and fun for you. With Sui Generis, your dream home can indeed come true.

Step 1

Initial Consultation and Meetings

When you come to us, we want you to share the ideas and aspirations you have for your new home. You can start by outlining basic details about the home such as the number of rooms, floor plan, space planning requirements, budget, and how many levels you would prefer. We would also like you to tell us how you want to live in your new home, the size of your family, how you like your indoor spaces, and whether you love to entertain.

No idea is too small or too big for our talented designers. We pay attention to your overall vision and every idea that you bring to us. You don’t need to have all the details when you come to us. It may take one meeting or several meetings, either way we are here to help. The consultation process is at your own pace, and we will only take you to the next step when you are completely satisfied and ready to proceed.



Step 2

Design and Conceptualization

Once the initial consultation has taken place, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible regarding our design concepts, floor plans, locations, home packages, and other considerations that may suit your personal priorities. Our Design Briefcase has fantastic designs and functional floor plans that can cater to different lifestyle needs. However, if you don’t see a house plan that suits your lifestyle, we are able to offer customizations on existing floor plans or include additional features at minimal extra cost.

For the luxury and custom home builds, it is at this point our designers begin to turn your dreams and ideas into realistic concepts. We use your information to design a custom or luxury home and high-end interior finishes especially made to fit you and your lifestyle. As part of our premium design services, we provide you with unique 3D renderings that helps you see and appreciate your new home from different viewpoints. We deliver blueprints and sketches of proposed floor plans with all necessary details to assist your decision-making. You will be assigned an Executive Concierge to help you work through the opportunities in different locations.

We will guide you through the design process, without pressure or stress. We also present a budget estimate at this point.


Step 3

Contracts and Paperwork

Once you are satisfied with the selected design and floor plans, we will offer you a contract package. Our consultants and executive concierge will discuss the contract package with you and respond to any questions you may have. Once you are happy with everything, you will be asked to sign off on the contract and provide the initial deposit.

The floor plans will be sent to our engineering department for design. We will also take care of all permits and building licences required for your project.


Step 4

Finishes and Selections

The interior design of your home should reflect the exterior design character. At this stage, the concierge will work with our interior and exterior designers to provide you with our exquisitely curated Design Briefcase, where you will encounter grand interior decors and fantastic exterior selections that will be unique to your dream home. Our Design Briefcase are always packed with great selections and delicate refinements that exemplify stylish living.

The concierge will help you assess potential plots and locations, site conditions and communities that are suitable for your dream home. They will review every detail with you on how to maximize space, create storage, orientation to sun, and other interesting information that make a location worthwhile. We can also discuss options to make your custom or luxury home more sustainable and energy efficient — like installing solar panels and battery systems that generate electricity and reduce your carbon footprint.

From custom-made interior trims and deluxe cabinetry to plush Bokhara rugs, we will work with you to achieve the luxurious look and feel you desire. We can also design, organise and order custom-made furniture, artwork and graceful window treatments for you. We can deliver every thing you need, customized to your style, so that all you have to do is move in.


Step 5

Building and Construction

Once we have completed all necessary paperwork, the meticulous task of building your new custom or luxury home begins. At this stage of the project, your concierge and site supervisor will be in regular contact with you to keep you informed on the progress of work. As part of the construction process, at least two sets of inspections from municipal authorities will be done.





Step 6

Completion and Handover

Once your new custom or luxury home is completed, you will be invited to conduct a final walk-through and inspection with your executive concierge. During this inspection, we will ensure that any issues you raise will be noted and addressed. The concierge will provide you with all the necessary documentation and warranties to get you started. Finally, it will be time to receive the keys to a brand-new luxury home that is uniquely and distinctly yours.





Step 7

Guarantees and Follow-up

The homes we build come with standard warranties. Weeks after moving in, your concierge will contact you to make sure you are getting the value you expect. If something is not right during the first year, simply give us a call and we will arrange to rectify any defective work as soon as possible.

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