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Elegance and Excellence

A masterpiece home is not created by chance, but by deep insight, expertise, stellar workmanship, unique style, and innovation. There are home builders and there are visionaries — those who are distinguished in turning the ordinary to the spectacular.

Such a builder is Sui Generis Homes. Our vision and superior approach challenge existing industry practices and prevailing standards that do not offer much to home buyers. Recognized as a symbol of excellence, our company has a talented team of architects and design consultants — who are first and foremostly artists — joined by a dedicated group of artisans and craftspeople – many of whom learned their trades with the famous European masters.

Our Services

Design Services

SuiGeneris Homes offers a complimentary design service prior to any custom or luxury home build. Our experienced concierges and design consultants will create the custom or luxury home you have always wanted.

No idea is too elemental or too advanced — we will gather your ideas and turn them into the architectural design you want. You can also bring your professional plans and we can implement them at a price you can afford.

Estate Homes

We design and build top-of-the-line estate homes that showcase our leadership in creating beautiful, functional designs with quality craftmanship and competitive pricing.

From concept to completion, we support you to fully develop and implement your vision for an estate home in a prime location.

Custom Home builds

We build quality custom homes that are designed to satisfy your requirements. Whether your family is big or small, or you love to entertain, or planning for retirement, or if you prefer functionality or flexibility, we can incorporate your personality, style, and tastes in your new home.

We work with you to create new homes that meets your lifestyle needs, staying on budget, and drawing on our extensive building knowledge and capacity for innovative design ideas. In the custom homes we have built, our commitment to quality craftsmanship is unparalleled.

Luxury Homes

We build luxury homes that are as unique as the people that occupy them. Each luxury home we build has an identity and reflects our commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovative approach, and meticulous attention to detail. From fully equipped kitchens and elegant living rooms to stylish home offices, every last detail of your home will be constructed to your exact tastes by the most talented architects, designers and trades in the business.

We encourage you to bring along any rough plans you may have sketched, ideas you have seen in luxury homes magazines and pictures from books or other snapshots you have taken. With a visionary approach that incorporates high profile architectural influences from all over the world, Sui Generis Homes can help create unique luxury homes and outdoor spaces that respond perfectly to your high-end needs and sense of prestige.


A magnificent transitional-style luxury home with over 5,000 sq.ft. of living space built with concrete.

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