About us

The greatest works of art were borne out of the desire to create artefacts that speak to quality and timeless value. A masterpiece home is not created by chance, but by deep insight, expertise, stellar workmanship, unique style, and innovation. There are home builders and there are visionaries — those who are distinguished in turning the ordinary to the spectacular.

Such a builder is Sui Generis Homes. Our vision and superior approach challenge existing industry practices and prevailing standards that do not offer much to home buyers. Recognized as a symbol of excellence, our company has a talented team of architects and design consultants — who are first and foremostly artists — joined by a dedicated group of artisans and craftspeople – many of whom learned their trades with the famous European masters.

Since inception, we have designed and built some of Alberta’s most prominent homes. Our state-of-the-art designs cater to both contemporary and traditional tastes. We are renowned for utilizing authentic and unique building materials, and turning ideas into beautiful family homes that showcase elegance and sophistication in communities where they are built.

Our philosophy is to build homes that have the highest quality and standards for our clients. From the initial concept and planning phases, to breaking ground and construction, our work is primarily guided by our clients’ interests. We value your creative expressions, and we ensure that your unique vision is customized and carried through every step of the building process.
At SuiGeneris Homes, our work is founded on the quest to build one-of-a kind masterpieces that are unique in style and craftsmanship. We want you to dream big and we want to make your dreams come true. We envision your home as having a distinctive personality, reflecting your individuality, lifestyle and unique taste.

We build homes that are unique and special. We build meticulously crafted homes that inspire awe and grace in Canada.

Ideas are the bedrocks of creativity. We foster a culture of possibilities and flexibility where thoughtful consideration is given to your ideas and imagination. We demonstrate innovative thinking that brings your dream home to life.

We commit to excellence and exceed expectations in building quality estate, custom and luxury homes you can afford.

Combining honest and clear communication and premium services, we continually strive to put you at the core of all what we do. We take the opportunity to build your home as a privilege and honour that deserves our serious commitment. We provide clarity from the beginning and we work hard to ensure that your interests are always taken into consideration.